Racoon Mania

This Dictionary holds all of the Racoon Vocabulary.

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Arf: Derived from DMX's "ruff ryders anthem" Used to signify a hot girl or a significant or great or pleasing event. Owner of word(OOW)- Sharat Iyar IV
Do we still use it now?: not really

Fat: Exactly what it means, obese or overweight. Baboon, Sunfat, and I use it all the time. IF you glance back at the past year since this fuckin club started, 'fat' is the only word that we can say has been consistent.
OOW- Well, a lot of people use fat. But Sunfat made it popular, therefore he's the owner.
Do we still use it now?: Ofcourse

Riite: Derived from Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery movie with Mike Myers saying "riite" whenever he thinks a comment is irelevant. Same thing we use. OOW- Sharat Iyar IV
Do we still use it now?: Rarely

Umm Mef: AOL chatroom mp3 server's screen name. When me and Baboon saw it, we were like, uhh what kinda name is this! And now we use "umm, mef" just like "riite" to signify someone or something saying irrelevant bullshit.
OOW- Baboon and Sharat Iyar IV
Do we still use it now? no

Umm Arf: Baboon decided to make his first solo phrase. We never use it anymore, same with "umm mef", but lately i've noticed that we have been saying it.
OOW- Baboon
Do we still use it now? Not at all

Criite: A mispelled word in one of my IM conversations, it really doesn't have a meaning, but whenever someone says an offending thing to you, i said "criite" as a sad remark, but fuck this word, it sucks.
OOW- Sharat Iyar IV
Do we still use it now? We never really did use it

Prite.: Derived from Sunil's (Sunfat or Vietnow) brother, Jogi Bear. Unknown to me, the only info i know on this word is that it was just a stupid word that was blurted out unnecesessarily.
OOW- Jogi Bear said it, but now a lot of people say it.
Do we still use it now? Not anymore

Umm Jammer Lammy: Derived from the Playstation game. It was so such a stupid name for a game, that i started saying it. I've played it, and it's actualy pretty fun, VERY FUN to be honest.
OOW- Sony Inc., but made famous by Iyar IV
Do we still use it now? Every now and then. (other forms of word--- lammers, jammers, umm lammer jamaix, you name it it's a form)

Qwer: Substitution word for masterbation. (verb)
OOW- SUnfat and VInfat
Do we still use it now? Hell yes!

Upersay: Baboon found this ornopay story called "super orgy" and it was one of the best erotic stories we have ever read. Therefore, all ornopay material is now called 'upersay, the pig latin for super.
OOW- Baboon
Do we Still use it now? Yes to cover up the word 'porn'

"They all look the same,Whatever That Means.": A quote we use pretty often. Some fag in school couldn't figure out if Ke0 was Baboon or if Baboon was Ke0, so he said, "they all look the same." Whatever that means, is from me.
OOW- That kid at school and me, more me.
Do we still use it now? Not really, but when stereotypical phrases are blurted, we say it, yes.

"Well, i guess if you figuratively speak thru the eyes of a dolphin and as they say in germany and in Crossaint Factories, They kind of resemble, actualy, they all look the same.": SHIT, this is fuckin long as fuck. At REv's b day party we built on They AlL Look the Same. This is the result
OOW- Everybody at REv's b day. They all somehow pitched in.
Do we still use it now? Not really.

Kiker, Ki-qwer, Ki-kares, Ki: All words that derive from screen name KiKeR777, which is Baboon in tha old dayz. Now, Iyar IV added more to it. Kiker, sounds an awful lot liek nigga, so kiker is the substitute word for a black person. Kiqwer, rhymes Ki-kEr, ki-kares cause Ki is a revolutionary Mortal Kombat fighter that kares to fight for tha world. Ki also has a part time job at the Hare Krishna Temple called ISCCKKON.
OOW- Primarily, Baboon made this word to represent some one who kicks. Baboon and Iyar IV later made it for black people, and also some other fats use it. all those other words are just based on the root of 'ki.'
Do we still use it now? Yes, quite a bit