Racoon Mania

On this page we'll list current members and welcome new members.

Welcome New People!

If you have sent an email answering all of the below questions, and have recieved a confirmation mail, then you ARE A MEMBER! We are shortly starting a weekly or monthly newsletter and only members recieve it. Email Kannada77@aol.com or Baboon77@aol.com

What is your name?

How old are you?

Where do you live?

What is your pet duck's name?
(If you don't have a duck, name your pet's name, or just use your name, since you are a racoon now.)

Do you shave your testacles? Yes/No

Are you blonde? Yes/No

Do you have an alf? Yes/No

Do you slap kikers on their face? Yes/No

Do you smoke bud? Yes/No

Are you on the cutting edge of inventing something? Yes/No

Does your name happen to be Tushar or Pravin? Yes/No

Do you have a name for your alf?

Are you overweight?

Have you ever squawked at a pelican?

Are you on the verge of going to the toilet?

Have you ever seen pravin swimming in a pond by sweet tomatoes?

Do you like music? If yes, state what genre you like.

Do you listen to anime music or are you into that bull shit?

Have you ever slapped Kevin Garnett in the face at ISCKON?

Are you into Martial Arts?

Do you like to paint?

Do you eat at Pearls?

Are you about to fart?

Have you eaten flies with rice at isckon?

Have you ever been to an indian bathroom and taken a crap?

Are you anti coca cola like ib77?

Does your screen name have a 77 or 09 at the end of it?

Does your name happen to be vinay or sunil?

Have you ever got caught by someone masturbating?

Do you ever put gelatin on your cookie puss?

Do you ever call someone right before they're about to leave for a vacation?

Do you have a math teacher named Donald Fat Guess?

Have you ever qwered?

Have you ever eaten fried intestines at pearls?

Do you eat slime covered with Duck?